Catering Operators
In order to allow the operators of catering chain to have complete and professional service in management & operation and product, SUBAR provides services, such as raw materials, professional OEM, equipment package materials, technical guidance, research for customers. All the products have passed the certification of ISO22000 and HACCP. Trust in SUBAR, we deserve your Trust.
Distribution Agent
SUBARU International Food has deep roots of running the business of bubble drinks in local places for the 20th year, accumulating profound practical experience. In order to continue cultivating the market in Taiwan, we are seeking strongly for distribution agents with high quality who is highly dedicated in bubble to create a win-win future.
International Export
The marketing channels of SUBAR are throughout Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia, China, America and Canada, Japan and other places. Our quality is worldwide trusted. We have been actively participating in overseas food exhibition in recent years. We expect introduce the bubble drink culture to every corner of the world where people may taste the Taiwan’s representative drinks.