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When we mention coffee and tea, they will remind us of creamer; we usually tear away creamer package then, put it into the drinks rotably; the perfect combination between milky drinks and creamy color creates the most wonderful taste. We create “可力瑪 32K creamer powder” and “可力瑪 32G creamer powder” as signature products; after constant development and improvement, as well as combining the advantages of the market creamer, we created cream with unique flavor and thickness. 可力瑪 32K creamer powder makes you have slippery taste, and it does not catch away smell of tea after adding into the beverage, which is suitable for consumer who are fond of freshy mouth feeling; and the casein content of 32G creamer powder is high, with thick milk and taste for consumers who prefer rich flavor.

Product Name Specification Product Name Specification
Dutch Creamer Powder 1kg / bag Dutch Creamer (31E) Powder 25kg / bag
Dutch Creamer (32A) Powder
25kg / bag Nestle Coffee-Mate Creamer Powder 1kg × 12 input / box
Nestle Creamer Powder 18kg / bag Non Dairy Creamer(Malay K-626) 25kg / bag
Non Dairy Creamer 32K 25kg / bag Non Dairy Creamer 32G 25kg / bag