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Distribution Agent
SUBAR International Food has deep roots of running the business of bubble drinks in local places for the 20th year, accumulating profound practical experience. In order to continue cultivating the market in Taiwan and serve the customers in overseas markets, we are seeking strongly for distribution agents who is highly dedicated in bubble drinks to join us, and create unlimited business opportunities and a win-win future.
Affiliate Brand
We provide another way to start a shop faster for customers who is interested in bubble drinks – Affiliate Brand. Through affiliate brand, it will be widely accepted in the drinks market. We take care of the menu design, decoration equipment, education & training, goods management, manager management, let you easily open your shop and be the owner.
The main business of SUBAR International Food is to provide raw materials of drinks. With strong base of R & D and years of extensive experience of product development and OEM, we provide our customers research consulting and planning services. SUBAR. We comply with customer’s demand to do research and development, which makes us to become the pioneer in the market who may actually combine the creativity with the reality of the products, and then become the R & D and production centers of our partners to customize their own proprietary products for the customers’ market channels and product image to facilitate customers to contain competitiveness, to be the leader in the market, and have the innovative drinks become acceptable for the consumers rapidly.
Counselling Venture Establishment
To be the owner is no longer a dream. We are suppliers of beverage raw materials with great enthusiasm and professional knowledge of drinks. We may offer you the most professional shop counseling and technical guidance. We have all kinds of raw materials you want, which allows you to have your own shop easily. Make it simple to make money!
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