• In 1989—Heinz Food Inc. was found and it played the agent role for Nestle and Yangnan. During these decades, Heinz has provided the highest quality for customers in the diligent, innovative, and careful way. On the other hand, Heinz’s marketing channel has spread through Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia, China, the U.S.A, Canada, and Japan; customers in above countries have also showed their trust because of years experience.
  • In 2000—Heinz achieved “ROC Consumers Association gold medal”.
  • In 2004—Heinz found the subsidiary company named “Beanstalk Industrial International Limitediability Company”, which wholesaled kinds of imported food.
  • In 2004—Heinz achieved “ROC Consumers Association Diamond Award”.
  • In 2005—Heinz passed “ISO9001:2000 International quality certification”, and then Heinz turned itself from an agent to the serve of counseling exhibition shops. Heinz continuously improved its profession in order to profit customers and set the both into win-win situation.
  • In 2008—In December, Heinz Food Inc. changed its name to Subar International Food Inc.
  • In 2009—In July, Subar was delivered “Subar International Food Co. factory registration certificate”.
  • In 2009—In August, for expanding the business scale, Subar moved its factory to the larger area, more than one thousand and nine hundred square meters. (Address: No.269, Liaoning 2nd St., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City)
  • In 2011—In January, Subar set its office website in three language, Chinese, English, and Japanese. (
  • In 2012—In January, Subar passed the CFS, certificate free sale, and then officially stepped forward to aboard market.
  • In 2012—In April, Subar arranged the tan million insurance for products in Shin Kong Insurance Company.
  • In 2012—In July, Subar passed both ISO22000:2005 and HACCP, the Management System of Food Safety and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, about packaging concentrated juice and producing syrup.
  • In 2012—In July, Subar became the one of high quality members in the R.O.C tea union.
  • In 2013—August, Passed “ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System” and “HACCP Danger Analysis Critical Controlling Point System” for batch packing and production of powder.
  • In 2015—July, Passed validation of ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System” and “HACCP Danger Analysis Critical Controlling Point System” for batch packing and production of tea.
  • In 2015—September, Passed “HALAL Food (supplies)” validation for batched packing and production of syrup and powder.
Since establishment, Subar International Food Co., Ltd. has taken “innovation”, “sustainable service”, “quest of cruisine” and “quality first” as the core concept and highest principle, thereby becoming the critical part of culture.

With concept of “innovation, service, crusine and quality” in mind, we accredit products from consumer’s perspective and treat them with principle of “integrity”, achieving 100% consumer satisification of our product, thereby relying on our products. The quest of product with highest quality has been what we have pursued for a long time, we continously innovate better production technology and products, offering you with more healthcare, safe, healthy and delicisou products.
Concept of Operation
With the leadership of our General Manager, Mr. Wang, Shi-Tang, for dozens of years of step-by-step and comprehensive and careful operation, Subar has created professional Kingdom of Drinks with high quality, healthy, specific taste and multiple styles of products; Subar can be proclaimed to be a manufacturer of drinks with the largest scale, best quality, best reputation in the southern part of Taiwan.

In addition, we will keep innovating quality, healthier foods with good taste based on considerations of consumer health; we will not be satisifed with current Chinese market; we will develop ourselves toward professionalism, being certified by multiple food and plant-based ISO criteria, setting globalization of bubble drinks as the target, expecting Subar to be a worldclass profesiosnal food plant eventually.