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Subar, with sustainability of generations, has quested for being improved and developed; we uphold 4 Star – Innovation, Sustainability, Quest of Cruisine and Assurance of Quality – to respond trend of convenience nowadays! We, in addition to provision of raw materials required for a series of drinks, guiding creation of shops with professional passion and technology, innovating on behalf of customers, supplying equipments and raw materials and providing complete and reliable support for

Certificate of Ease

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Certificate of Ease

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Night Market


On a popular square, there are a variety of snakes competing together; hundreds of shops contest to use thousands of crucines with good smells to attracts tourists; the satisfaction after meal makes it be famous and such a cruisine field is called “Taiwan Night Market”. It gathers up famous snakes of Taiwan where the simplest raw materials are restored back as original and they regenerate crusine banquest of Taiwan Night Market. National technique of crusine has explendid brilliance; enjoy cuisine in Taiwan Night Market!


Sweet Island


Pretty Formosa, kingdom of fruists; it is such a blessing to feel wellness on this island. Being able to escape from annoyness of cities, you can enjoy sweet food from Taiwan, slippery, flexible chewing sense, with pretty syrup, you can have a comfortable joy of sweetness on an island-based vacation. A joy of a sweet food means a joy of a sweet heart! With constantly delightful sweetness of Taiwan food, sweet feelings filled in your heart.


Born In Burned


Phoenix is born from hot fried flame ~ Phoenix has been a long-living bird historically; upon with five hundred years old, it burns itself by collecting logs and born thereafter. When the pot has hot oil, chicken is put into the pot with powder, oil sparks flourish and agitate; when we take it, smell fills in the air and tender taste is emerging. Then, we put pepper powder with a variety of taste to bring about fried smell attracting people and keep smell in your mouth, a good memory.




Bubble water tastes freshy, where finer bubble is luring us. Natural bubble water is rare, called “God Spring”, “The feeling in the mouth is high and rare, drinking makes you feel like hugging by God”. Bubble water is a living water closest to ecology; it may match with a variety of shrup, fruit juice and wine and etc. for a range of drinks at ease. Soul-like bubble contours color, smell and taste of drinks, where its perfect sense in your mouth is like a Tap dance on your tongue. Gold in the water, a banquet on the tip of tongue. Bubble Water, Good Drinks!