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Ordering Information

Once the Products are sent with the confirmation by both parties, no reasons are acceptable for return (except for breakage and abnormal quality).Purchaser shall need to read the contents of each term of the Shopping Conditions to ensure the common view and agreement of the bilateral trade.

Delivery Method

Delivery service is available for ordering products with amount NT$1500(or more) for Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas. For remote areas of Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung (contact us first), the delivery service will be provided by the shipping companies. Free delivery for ordering more than 3 cartons, except remote areas (barrel and bag packages of more than 18kg are unacceptable)
For outlying island of Taiwan, charges extra delivery fee.

Payment Terms 1: Pay on delivery

Payment collection services is provided. NT$30 of handling fee will be charged for the purchasing amount of NT$1-5000, NT$60 for NT$5001-10,000, and for the amount which is more than 10,000, 1% will be charged for the hedging and handling fee (calculated based on the Payment collection).

*For the remote areas, the delivery and transportation fee will be charged additionally.

Payment Terms 2: Remittance of Payment

Remittances shall be completed three days before shipment, and then the remittance slip shall be faxed, which is indicated the date of arrival and the name or phone to inform the customer service staff. The customers shall be responsible for the remittance handling fee.

Remittance Bank: Taishin BankI(台新銀行)
Account Name: SUBAR International Food Co., Ltd.
Account Number: An exclusive virtual account number will be set up for each customer.


◎After the confirmation of your order, please do not add any items, and please avoid modifying the order.
◎If you need to modify the address, phone number, the recipient’s name, time interval, be sure to call for changes three days before arrival. Overdue changes will not be accepted. If there is any inconvenience, please excuse us.

Shipping Instructions

Free delivery for three cartons or more in Taiwan main island, except remote areas. If the quantity is not enough, the shipping fee shall be responsible by purchaser. The shipping fee shall be calculated additionally for outlying island of Taiwan.
Any objections, please contact us.

Arrival Time

The company is in cooperation with HCT Logistics for shipping.
The rules of the delivery company: Delivery time: 12p.m.~7p.m.
HCT Logistics currently only provides time interval delivery service, so that the goods may not be delivered on the time your designated. The designated time is only for note, but it is not guaranteed to be delivered on time.(i.g. Please delivered at 3p.m. on time)
If you have any shipping problems, please contact us: 07-976-5858

Shortages or Damaged Goods

Upon receiving the goods, please unpack immediately to check whether missing or damaged. If your goods are found to be damaged or the quantity is reduced, please contact to inform us immediately on that day. If the lines are busy, you may choose to inform us by fax or e-mail. Please indicate the recipient’s name and phone number.
Special Note: If you may not inform us within two business days, we will not be able to handle for you. Please be aware!

Customer Service
If there are any questions about the purchase procedure, product details and the return and exchange procedure, you are welcome to contact us during the business hours.

◎TEL:07-9765858(If the line is busy, please dial later)
◎Service Time: 9a.m.-12a.m., 1p.m.-6p.m. (Mon-Fri)

Order Procedure

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Phone Order

◎After confirming the items and quantities, please contact us.
◎Service Hotline: 07-9765858

On-Line Order

◎Please “download order” first, after downloading, print it and fill in the order information required.
◎Please send your order to our company’s e-mail box:
◎Service staff will contact you after receiving your order, and confirm the order content.
◎Order completed.

Fax Order

◎Please “download order” first, after downloading, print it and fill in the order information required.
◎Please fax the order to: 07-323-1471
◎The service staff will contact you after receiving your order, and confirm the order content.
◎Order completed